Le projet E-twinning en détail... et aussi en anglais

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Les élèves de 2CAP vont participer à un projet E-Twinning (http://www.etwinning.net/fr/pub/index.htm) en partenariat avec des élèves Croates.

Les élèves des deux pays vont échanger en rédigeant des articles sur différents sujets qui les intéressent : la musique, leur pays...
Pour davantage de détails à ce sujet... et pour les plus courageux... le descriptif du projet en anglais :

Lycée Virginia Henderson, Arnouville, France, classe de Terminale CAP Petite Enfance
Stredni skola stavebni ,Trebic, CZECH REPUBLIC

A weblog created for teenagers. They will add posts and short articles about different topics that are important to them. They will exchange about the interests of their generation
Subjects : Cross Curricular, Foreign Languages, Geography, Music
Language : English
Pupil’s age : 15 - 18
Tools to be used : Forum, MP3, Other software ( Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Project Diary, Twinspace, Web publishing

Aims :
Pupils should learn how to write collaboratively, with both their classmates and partners abroad. This project aims mainly at encouraging language learning and intercultural dialogue (geography, culture, school system, the way of life, etc.) . Students should acquire a better understanding of one another’s culture and lifestyle (teens’ likes, preferences, pastimes, problems, different systems of Education...) They should also be able to talk about the topics that are of great interest for them : How teenagers spend their time ; celebrations and special event ;music, tv programs ;. weblog and use specific ICT tools. They should manage to build up a journal that raises the question of exchanges and languages and why not a video.

Work process :
Agree on topics that will be used for articles writing. -Teach students how to work with the website. -Students will contribute with their articles on regular basis (at least once or twice a month). Step by step : First getting to know one another, then starting wikis on several subjects, learning to use the tools, collecting information about teenagers’ attitudes towards various problems producing texts about the above topics. They could finish their exchange with an original story using a collaborative writing technique.

Expected results :
An improvement of language skills of course, a better cultural understanding, a better use of ICT tools, the production of a blog, videos, power points, a story or whatever else they may produce.